Q: Where can I purchase a Type B?

A: You can purchase our firearms directly from us or at any of our dealers that are listed on our dealer locator. If there is not a dealer near you, please contact us for assistance.


Q: Should I lubricate my firearm?

A: YES! All firearms require lubrication. Please follow your owner’s manual for instructions on proper lubrication.


Q: What kind of ammunition can I use in my firearm? Is +P or +P+ ok to use? Can I use handloaded ammunition?

A: We recommend using standard SAAMI and CIP spec ammunition when possible. Ammunition loaded to +P pressures is acceptable for use, however it could shorten the life span of certain parts of the firearm. While extensive testing has been done with +P+ ammunition in the Type B pistol, there is no industry designated pressure limits to these loads. As such, Archon Firearms is unable to guarantee the reliability of the pistol, lifespan of parts, nor safety of the pistol when it is subjected to these rounds. Archon may, at its discretion, deny warranty coverage to pistols using +P+ rounds if it is determined that damage was caused by over pressurization of a +P+ round.


Q: What SAAMI and SAAMI-compliant ammunition?

A: SAAMI= Sporting Arms and Ammunitions Manufacturers Institute. For information on their regulations or to see if your ammunition selection is SAAMI compliant, please go to http://www.saami.org


Q: Can I add aftermarket parts to my gun? Can I change out the sights on my gun? 

A: Adding after-market parts or accessories to your pistol could be unsafe, result in failure, and may void your warranty. Please contact us (link to contact us before adding any non-OEM part or accessory to your gun.

A: YES! The Type B pistols are manufactured with a Glock standard dovetail and front sight. There are many after-market sight options available, including our AFR8 Night Sights.


Q: Will Strike One magazines work in my Type B Pistol?

A: Yes, magazines from the Strike One will function in the Type B


Q: Can I purchase the grip module by itself?

A: Archon Firearms is not currently selling the grip module by itself. Please check back or subscribe to our mailing list (enter email at the bottom of our home page) for additional grip options that may be added in the future.

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