Limited Lifetime Warranty

Archon Firearms offers a lifetime warranty on all of its guns, parts, and accessories. Here at Archon, we warranty the product - not the original purchaser. Our warranty is 100% transferrable, and good for the lifetime of the product. We have full confidence in our product, and want to instill that same confidence in our users. Our warranty covers any manufacturer's defect with the pistol for life. The obvious things that it does not cover are misuse, abuse, neglect, negligence, or damage caused by faulty ammunition. It also does not cover aftermarket parts installed on the pistol, damage caused by aftermarket parts, “gunsmithing” work performed by unauthorized individuals, or the use of sight-pushers. Basically, use common sense. If it’s something you did wrong, we are not going to fix your pistol for free. If it something we did wrong, the replacement/repair and shipping both ways is 100% covered by us.


Lifetime Guarantee

In addition to our industry leading lifetime warranty, Archon Firearms also offers a lifetime guarantee on all of its firearms. Realizing that many of our handguns are used every single day by people for concealed carry, we want to ensure that our customers are not "out a gun" if the unfortunate circumstance occurs where they must use it in the legal defense of themselves or others. If you use your firearm in a legal defensive shooting and your Archon Firearms gun is seized by Law Enforcement as evidence, we will replace it for you at no charge. This guarantee obviously does not apply to a firearm being seized after being used illegally. It also cannot apply if the individual is prohibited from possessing a firearm due to a court order or prohibitive criminal charges. Archon Firearms reserves the right to review all evidence and circumstances regarding a defensive shooting, as well as any supporting documentation showing that the individual is not prohibited from possessing a firearm before sending out a replacement firearm. Once a determination has been made that it was a legal use of force, Archon will ship a replacement firearm on loan to the affected individual until their original firearm is returned free of charge. There is no time limit or expiration attached to the loaner firearm, and the firearm will be considered given to the individual if their original firearm is seized indefinitely.

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